Way of Life

In Greece the sun shines 300 days which means that Greeks rise to a life filled with joy, vitality and optimism for a better tomorrow.

Since Dionysus - the god of ancient Greek mythology, god of fun, entertainment and wine, the Greeks are inclined to fun and adventure. This is evidenced by the countless clubs, restaurants, cafes, taverns which are scattered in villages and beaches.

Greece is the birthplace of Drama, Tragedy and Comedy 2,500 years ago. These ancient creatures came to perfection in theaters whose architecture and audibility would envy even the modern theaters with the latest technological equipment. Theaters where even today you can enjoy an Ancient Greek Tragedy with the ritual performance of ancient Greek actors. Works by Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus and Aristophanes illuminate the way many contemporary Greek and foreign theater performers.

It is impossible not to feel the Greek hospitality, in whatever part of Greece you find yourself. The Greeks are kind to strangers and inspire honesty and generosity. Their feelings are expressed through words, dance, songs and hospitality. Good food and drink are high standards of their lifestyle. Using olive oil, tomatoes, onions, meat, fresh fish, delicious seafood, herbs and spices that Greek cuisine is what we call "Mediterranean cuisine" a set of the tastier and healthier meals.

All these virtues of Greek society and lifestyles have evaluated several travelers who had called Greece "paradise" and is for them a natural and reasonable vacation destination.


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