Company Profile

Galaios Construction was founded in 1965 and since then has developed a great activity in the construction sector. Based on years of experience dealing with all kinds of architectural and construction designs.

Galaios Construction has to present more than 150 projects, blocks, houses, maisonettes and shop/offices in the area of Athens. Today the company continues its successful course in the field of construction not only in the area of Athens but also in the area of Peloponnese with the construction of 33 independent/ maisonettes in Kyllini.

The company occupies skilled personnel which is educated permanently in the developments of market. Our colleagues have the knowledge and the experience that is required in order to cover the real needs of customer and find solutions in any particularity is presented.

Our goal is the construction of high quality buildings with modern design and strict standards.
The main concern is the combination of aesthetics and functionality to serve the contemporary needs and the proper utilization of space with respect to the laws and the environment and the supply of buildings in unique affordable prices.

The company is based today in its own premises and composed by excellent colleagues in all departments. It has also been widely recognized in the field of kitchen furniture, wardrobes and bedroom furniture as it makes imports from Italy in its own exhibition space in the suburb of Paleo Faliro.

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